Monday, 19 September 2016


The Crypto Platform is rising very significantly nowadays. Many countries like China, Hong Kong, USA, India, European Countries etc. have seen a growing status to Cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin started in 2009 had created history and today has market cap of over $1 billion dollar.
So, now again a new Platform is opening in Crypto World. Which may become a major investment platform in coming years.

Cashila, a famous cryptocurrency exchange company has announced a new ICO for ICONOMI.

Iconomi would be a new investment platform for getting higher returns than traditional ones. According to ICONOMI, it would be perfect for people interested in Higher Returns for investments.

Crowdsale - 25 August to 29 September 2016

Till Now ...

Crowdsale (ICO) has been initiated. The ICO is seen as one of the most successful ICOs. About $5 million has already been raised till 19 September 2016.
People participating in ICO would get a Crypto currency called ICN.
A total of 100 million ICNs would be issued. Each ICN would have a value and could be traded. Other than that, if you invest in ICO you would get dividends from the company proportional to your investment. ICONOMI claims that infrastructure for Exchange platforms has been set up.
According to my Calculations, 1 BTC would get you around 9200 ICNs. (may change with changes in exchange rate)


2% of all the ICNs have been reserved for the bounties.

You can claim your bounties through the following ways-
1. Translation and moderation of forum
2. Twitter and Facebook campaigns.
3. BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns
4. Blog Posts

But, ICONOMI hates Spam.
So NO SPAM, otherwise you would be banned from the bounties.


The team behind ICONOMI is very trusted one. ICONOMI is powered by Cashila, which increases the trust factor.

Jani Valjavec and Tim M. Zagarare the Co-founders
Ales Lekse is one of the developers.

ICONOMI is very responsive on social media and keeps regularly updating posts.


 How your investment would be used?

ICO would fund the expenses in the launch of the platform.
The additional funds would be used to fund the Initial investments.
Escrow us being used for storing the money collected in ICO with some famous people with signature of multisig wallet which includes CEO of Lisk

How to Participate ?

After creating account on official ICO page ( , use Shapeshift or directly deposit to given address.

Connect with ICONOMI





Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Download Torrents without a Torrent Client !

Many a times you may get slow speeds, connection problems, etc while downloading torrents.

Recently, I found a whole new way to download the Torrents.
Seedr will solve all your problems.

Link :

Seedr offers you lot many advnatages over the traditional way of downloading torrents.
You can enjoy free features such as High speed download to Cloud and free storage of 2 GB.

So, all of you enjoy the Torrents with Seedr.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

XBTFreelancer- Connects Employers with Freelancers

Some months ago, I came before a site called XBT Freelancer.
Website URL-

It has been a great experience using the site. Through this site employers and freelancers can meet at one place. This provides opportunities to Freelancers to earn BTC for doing jobs inan their free time and employers get an option to expand their business.This site offers many advantages over other websites in same segment. Some of them are-

1. XBT Freelancer is a Fully Bitcoin Based site

 2. Offers a good interface for users to easily understand. And a Good support system.

3. We get paid in bitcoins and can get jobs done with bitcoins, which is quite convenient and fast.

4. It has become possible for people from countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam, etc. who don't have PayPal accounts to work as a Freelancer 

5. The transaction fees is very low which is only about 4 cents per transaction and only 5% on the work done.

6.    There's a good referral system. You get 35℅ of the revenue made by the site.

There are other benefits of the site too.Please post your views on the site too.Come Here,Join me.Do post your comments and reviews below.

 Some other information regarding this site would be added soon. Check back, for more info.