Friday, 23 June 2017

openANX- Real World Application of Decentralised Exchanges

Recently, we have realised the lots of disadvantages of the Centralised Exchanges of cryptocurrencies. This includes-

  • Risk of Hacks
  • Risk of Fraud
  • No Control on Withdrawal/Deposit Fees
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How Decentralised Exchanges solve these problems-

  • Users can see the source code of decentralised exchanges. Since they are open source, people can find any vulnerability and suggest fixes.
  • Since everything is coded onto a Smart Contract and it is open source , there are very low to no chances of fraud.
  • Since Decentralised exchanges are coded on smart contract they have fixed withdrawal and deposit fees.

So, let me introduce you to openANX now. It is  a non- profit organisation that will take advantage of the decentralised to improve the current Centralised Exchange Model (CEM) by creating a link between those exchanges.

Major Features of openANX-

  • Linking Exchanges- Exchanges offer a certain variety of coins. Some offer only Ethereum based coins, some offer fiat gateways and some offer cross blockchain exchanges.
  • Integrated Order Books- For increasing the liquidity, all the order books of various exchanges would be merged into a single book.
  • Transparency- Since it is based on Open source Ethereum Blockchain , it is very transparent.
  • Dispute Resolution- For dispute resolution, they will have a third party which will solve disputes in unpartial manner.


In future, there are a good chances that OpenANX would be a mainstream exchange. If you want to be a part in building of this exchange, join the ICN today.

Invest in openANX here


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

TaaS - First Closed End Fund of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have shown a tremendous growth in the past two years. The interest in Cryptocurrencies too has increased in this world. But there are several problems that investors experience, and many end up in losses.

Reasons of losses are-

Inexperienced traders buying pumps and selling on dumps.
Investments in scam ICO/cryptocurrency
Investment in projects that aren't transparent to its users. They carry a risk of losing all their investment.
Lack of liquidity of some cryptocurrencies/on some exchange. There is a big risk in investments on cryptocurrencies that don't have much volume. Liquidating a cryptocurrency with low trade volume, involves drastic fall in its price and could lead to losses.
Missing out pumps for selling a cryptocurrency due to lack of time.

So, in this article I would be discussing about a project which solves these problems.
This project is TaaS (Token as a Service).


TaaS is the first ever closed end fund for crypto assets. Instead of managing your funds yourself, experts would be managing your funds. An important feature of TaaS is that it would only accept investments in ICO phase. However, TaaS tokens would be tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO ends. TaaS would be giving periodic dividends to all its investors.

In subsequent Article I will discuss, how TaaS solves the problems I mentioned in the starting of the article. Also, I have created a calculator which would let you estimate your profits from your investment in TaaS.

Funds are managed by Experienced traders and a Trusted Team.

Have a look at their team-

TaaS would be distributing 50% of quarterly profits between ask TaaS holders. And the payment of this 50% is automatic and governed by an Ethereum smart contract. 25% is reinvested in the fund, which increases the Net Asset Value of the fund. And other 25% is the management fees.

TaaS is Transparent to Everyone

With the advanced cryptographic audit technology, TaaS becomes one of the most transparent investment in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

On an Audit page ask the API view only keys are given. Which would give another to ability to verify trades and balance on an exchange account. Also, all the money in first can also be studied by the SSL signature of online bank sessions.

Proven Results

TaaS showed that in 2016 , the altcoins market grew by over 300%. This shows that there is a good scope of making profits out of investments in Altcoin. The index they designed got them returns (on paper) of 300% without rebalancing and managing it periodically.
Periodic management of funds would have given even more returns.
From my personal experience, I converted $100 of Ethereum into $1000 in only 15 days. While in the same period Ethereum grew only by 4 times. And I would like to mention that I'm not any pro trader. I didn't learn trading from anywhere.

Since, TaaS has got a team of experienced traders which can increase the returns of this fund significantly.

To ensure there is enough liquidity of funds and be safe from scam exchanges, trades would only be made on trusted exchanges like Poloneix, Kraken and Bittrex.

Expected Profit

Now Coming to Expected profits. While there is always a risk associated with cryptocurrencies, still the funds managed by experts would have a significant lower risk.
If the same trend continue as 2016, it means 300% profits, out of which 50% will be distributed. Which means ROI of investment within an year. And additionally, you also hold TaaS token whose value would keep on increasing.

For example: Let's consider an Average scenario.
TaaS is able to gain 10% in profits in each quarter.
If we assume TaaS price to be $1 in ICO.
You get 5% of returns in first quarter. Also the NAV increases by 2.5% . In the next quarter you get 5.125% returns (as NAV increased). In that way your earning percentage increases after each dividends payout.
But there is also a small correction, only 75% of funds collected in ICO would be used for investments.
I have considered this correction in next section.

Do your own Calculations Here

It is always recommended that investors should do their own calculations.

So, Here is a widget I designed to make that easier. In the first field enter the percentage profits TaaS will make quarterly (according to you). In second field enter the time duration of your investment  (in Number of Quarters). 4 Quarters = 1 Year.
The output will show you the ROI (in percentage) for the given time duration (from dividends only).

Invest in TaaS : Here

Details of ICO

For every investment in TaaS , you will get TaaS ERC 20 Ethereum tokens. Holding a TaaS represents your ownership in the fund.
Base price is $1 per TaaS. But you can take advantage of the bonuses.

Here is the Bonus Structure-

As of 4 April, First two bonuses phases are over and currently, you will get a bonus of 20%.
Don't miss out these bonus phases. They provide an opportunity to early investors make more profit. For example if this ICO reaches 9000 Bitcoin investors, last investors won't get any bonus, so you have already made an unrealised profit of 20%.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Edgeless - Decentralised Online Casino with 0 House Edge (ICO Live)

Online gambling industry has been continuously increasing each year. The main reason for peopshifting to online gambling are lower fees and ease to use.
But still there exist some problems in this industry. Fees are still high. Many Online casino have around 5 % house edge and high deposit and withdrawal fees. These fees directly affect the player's profits.

Many casino have introduced some methods to gain trust of users and show the game is 100% fair. But only a few of them have introduced a truly fair online casino.

Edgeless now introduces the first ever online casino with 0 House Edge. In addition to this, everything is transparent and governed by Ethereum Smart Contracts. Also, you won't need to register on Edgeless to use it.

You may be wondering , how would a casino remain alive without any house edge.
According to their research, not all players play on casino perfectly. It leads to an approximate 0.83% House Edge practically.

A Short Video on Edgeless

Edgeless would consist of -

  • Blackjack 

  • Video Poker 

  • Micro Limits Dice 

  • Sports Betting

  • Developers can also launch their own games on Edgeless Platform 


ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Edgeless is running an ICO currently. If you want to be a part of this revolution in online casino, invest in Edgeless' ICO. It would end on 21st of March.
Ethereum is the accepted cryptocurrency for this ICO. However, you may use Shapeshift and invest in Edgeless.
The current exchange rate is 1 ETH = 1000 EDG.

Holding EDG (Edgeless Token) entitles you to chance to win 40% of Edgeless' Profits. Every month , 40% of profits would be sent to an Ethereum smart contract. These funds would be distributed through a lounge lottery exclusively for EDG holders.

Invest Now at

Disclaimer: US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in Edgeless Project crowdsale