Friday, 23 June 2017

openANX- Real World Application of Decentralised Exchanges

Recently, we have realised the lots of disadvantages of the Centralised Exchanges of cryptocurrencies. This includes-

  • Risk of Hacks
  • Risk of Fraud
  • No Control on Withdrawal/Deposit Fees
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How Decentralised Exchanges solve these problems-

  • Users can see the source code of decentralised exchanges. Since they are open source, people can find any vulnerability and suggest fixes.
  • Since everything is coded onto a Smart Contract and it is open source , there are very low to no chances of fraud.
  • Since Decentralised exchanges are coded on smart contract they have fixed withdrawal and deposit fees.

So, let me introduce you to openANX now. It is  a non- profit organisation that will take advantage of the decentralised to improve the current Centralised Exchange Model (CEM) by creating a link between those exchanges.

Major Features of openANX-

  • Linking Exchanges- Exchanges offer a certain variety of coins. Some offer only Ethereum based coins, some offer fiat gateways and some offer cross blockchain exchanges.
  • Integrated Order Books- For increasing the liquidity, all the order books of various exchanges would be merged into a single book.
  • Transparency- Since it is based on Open source Ethereum Blockchain , it is very transparent.
  • Dispute Resolution- For dispute resolution, they will have a third party which will solve disputes in unpartial manner.


In future, there are a good chances that OpenANX would be a mainstream exchange. If you want to be a part in building of this exchange, join the ICN today.

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